Swami Vivekananda in Present day context

Concept of Oneness:
This whole universe is a single entity and all of us are a part of it(including human/non-human/materials). If a part of our body is hurt, we cannot be happy since we are a part of the body. Similarly if we understand the concept f oneness, we understand that any harm done to any part of the universe is harm to ourselves. Then there will not be any wars, no terrorism.
This philosophy of Vedanta was introduced to the west by swami Vivekananda. Swamiji introduced yoga to the western world which has become famous and still increasing day by day. Yoga for self consciousness was his motto. Knowing one’s own self brings consciousness thus making it easier to know the family, which in turn helps in knowing the society, country and the whole Universe.
Swamiji’s concentration and will power :
Today most of the youth are aimless and dissatisfied with themselves. This is because of lack of goal in one’s life. Swamiji’s journey to World parliament of religions, Chicago is the best example and very inspirational.  Swamiji didn’t knew much about the world parliament of religions except that it is going to happen in Chicago. But his aim was clear. His perseverance and strong determination made him reach till the end in spite of knowing that the world parliament has been post-pond for two months. Without any money in hands and not knowing where to go or who to approach after knowing that the registrations have been closed for the parliament, any other weak person would have given up and returned. But swamijis passed through all the difficulties and finally spread the message of Vedanta to the world.
Swamiji’s concentration power is most talked of by everyone. He read large volumes of books within no time and got everything into his mind. He used to read not word by word or sentence by sentence but by idea to idea. He gained this expertise through detachment and self control. Any ordinary persons mind has hundreds of thoughts in the mind obstructing the process of reading. But swamiji always had focused mind on anything/any work.
This idea of detachment and self control is the need of the hour among the youth for realizing the true self and leading the life with a purpose.

Knowing the self can be achieved through determination, perseverance and hard work. The practice of detachment and self control are very important for the self-realization.